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The Solutions Group (TSG) keenly focuses on customer service and has an earned history of building trust with its clients.  TSG strives to be a multi-dimensional provider of service and not just training.  Being consistent to these principles, The Solutions Group has become Arkansas' premier provider of customized training in terms of the range of volume of clients served, the range and volume of training projects delivered, and the volume of college credits earned through customized training.

Contract Training is Not the Same as Customized Training

Contract training normally involves offering canned or of-the shelf programs that may or may not fit a client's particular needs.  The Solutions Group offers customized training to its clients after spending the proper time to listen, analyze, and understand its client's needs.

While TSG trainers often draw from prior modular elements of training, The Solutions Group custom-designs training solutions for its client's specific situations, developing new content and applications whenever necessary.  Training solutions are customized not only in terms of content, but also in terms of delivery schedule: time of day, day(s) of the week, frequency — in other words, delivered on the client's schedule.

If practical, training can be delivered onsite if requested by the client.  Furthermore, because The Solutions Group bills by training hour instead of the traditional approach of billing per person, there are no minimum class sizes.  The length of projects is determined by the nature of our client's needs; training solutions have ranged from one hour refreshers to multi-year projects.  Clients decide what, when, where, and how the training solutions is developed and delivered, including whether training occurs during regular company hours or during employees' off-hours.

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