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Arkansas Northeastern College is committed to providing accessible, quality educational programs, services, and lifelong learning opportunities.


Because Arkansas Northeastern College is committed to the ideal of the worth and dignity of individuals, its philosophy is to provide opportunities to youth and adults for development of purposeful, gratifying, and useful lives in a democratic society.  These opportunities are provided through programs of study designed to fit the needs of students of varying educational and career goals and those which provide co-curricular activities and community services consistent with the concept of the community college.


Operating in the larger context of local, state, regional, and national higher educational patterns, the College seeks to respond to the needs of individuals and their levels of ability and development.

Arkansas Northeastern College is committed to these purposes:

  • To provide an access to quality higher education opportunity for all individuals regardless of age, sex, race, or ancestry; economic, cultural or physical condition or previous educational attainment, within the provisions of law and resources available.

  • To provide programs of study for students who wish to transfer to other institutions to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

  • To provide career and technical programs and curricula leading to immediate employment and to offer programs for students who wish to upgrade their skills for current or future employment.

  • To offer programs in general education and facilitate access to baccalaureate and masters programs.

  • To offer credit/noncredit courses which meet community needs.

  • To offer developmental programs to improve basic skills.

  • To offer academic and career counseling and support services.

  • To promote the civic and cultural activities and provide for the avocational needs of enrolled students and the service community.

  • To provide a positive and constructive experience for new students enhancing their educational growth, aspirations, and abilities to continue their education at this institution and beyond.


A leader in transforming learning, lives, and community through bold innovation.


  • The College shall offer relevant curricula and quality educational programs that utilize flexible delivery methods while ensuring academic excellence and integrity.

  • The College shall facilitate the transition of students into higher education by strengthening partnerships and improving communication with secondary schools, governmental agencies,  business/industry and senior-level colleges and universities.

  • The College shall provide equitable systems and processes to expand student access, to support student access, and to facilitate transition into careers or further learning opportunities.

  • The College shall enhance instruction, student learning, and the delivery of administrative and educational services to students, faculty, and staff by implementing and supporting technological systems and services.

  • The College shall participate in regional economic development as a partner and innovative leader in training, retraining, and educational services provided to business and industries in the region.

  • The College shall ensure the efficient and effective use of all available resources by maintaining a high level of stewardship and accountability.

  • The College shall cultivate a learning environment that promotes cultural enrichment, communication, diversity, equity, and lifelong learning opportunities for its constituencies.


The College embraces the following core values which guide its efforts to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals.  These values direct the operational strategies and procedures of the institution.

Inclusiveness and Diversity

ANC values inclusiveness and diversity and views the uniqueness of students, faculty, and staff as a resource, strength, and benefit to the College.

  • Provides an inclusive and welcoming work and learning environment where individual and cultural differences are recognized and celebrated.

  • Incorporates diversity and equity into the employee recruitment and hiring practices, student recruitment, and all outreach activities of the College.

  • Ensures that individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives are served equitably through its employment practices, educational programs, services, and workforce development.


ANC values innovation and the ability to anticipate, respond, and adapt to change through a culture which promotes, supports, and rewards new ideas or ways of thinking to solve problems, seize new opportunities, or meet unstated needs.

  • Fosters an environment that encourages creativity, inquiry, risk-taking, the open exchange of ideas, and recognizes and rewards exploration.

  • Seeks to identify new, creative, or improved programs and services for students and the community which lead to positive effective change.

  • Incorporates the most recent technologies and methods to be responsive to the needs of students, the community, and its business and industry partners.


ANC values collaboration through institutional, business, industry, and community partnerships, which serve as critical links to achieving economic vitality and quality of life in our region.

  • Strives to build relationships that foster communication, teamwork, shared decision-making, and the innovation necessary to achieve common goals.

  • Seeks to create partnerships inside and outside the College that contribute to continuous growth and enrichment of students, employees, and the community.

  • Develops connections with business, industry and other agencies to more effectively serve the changing needs of students, the College, and the community.


ANC values integrity and is committed to acting in an honest, fair, consistent, and respectful manner, creating a culture of trust that is evident in all decisions and interactions.

  • Acts responsibly in utilizing resources to meet student and community needs.

  • Adheres to high ethical standards of conduct, practices, and procedures that promote accountability and transparency.

  • Maintains and uses data and information ethically and responsibly.

  • Provides an ethical and respectful environment in which students, faculty, and staff are treated in a fair and consistent manner.

Academic Excellence

ANC values academic excellence and provides students with high quality learning experiences and support services that foster personal and intellectual growth for productive careers and meaningful lives.

  • Provides a high quality and rigorous teaching and learning process that delivers current and relevant curricula.

  • Provides qualified and skilled instructional faculty and staff.

  • Promotes and supports professional development for faculty and staff.

  • Promotes the use of new technologies, teaching methods, and instructional materials.

  • Implements strategies and support services to improve student success.

  • Promotes a climate of continuous improvement with high expectations of student and employee success.

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