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Welcome to Arkansas Northeastern College's dynamic Internship Program! Our paid internships, facilitated through strong community partnerships, provide students with hands-on experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice. At ANC, we prioritize real-world skills and connections, ensuring our interns gain valuable insights and a competitive edge in their future careers. Join us in transforming education into action and jumpstart your professional journey with ANC's Internship Program!


Emily Crosskno

Director for Advising & Internships



Internship Application Opens

October 2, 2023

Internship Application Closes

May 17, 2024

Mandatory Internship Workshop

June 12-13, 2024

Internships Start

Fall 2024



This program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in the steel or manufacturing industry that require specialized job skills or knowledge.  This region is a major source of steel-related occupations and other industrial opportunities.  This program will facilitate entry into industry with enhanced opportunities for advancement because of knowledge gained through this degree program.  While several courses are directed specifically in the manufacturing industry, the program also provides general industrial training that will be attractive to area employers not related to the manufacturing industry.  This program not only offers students specific knowledge and skills to enhance their employment opportunity but also because industry is going to offer internships there will be additional employment opportunities because of exposure to the employers and the workplace.

The specific ANC Allied Technologies Internship Program is cohort-based meaning that all students will go to school at the same time, two days per week (unless Welding or HVAC is chosen).  Where there are electives to be chosen in the degree program, the cohort will be offered their choice by election; however, the election of electives may be binding upon the cohort.  For example, in the last semester of the internship program the student will be enrolled into a three credit hour internship course as an elective.

Employer participants will offer an internship for approximately 24 hours per workweek where the interns will work 2-3 days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).  Interns are paid a flat hourly rate by the company.  Company requirements are flexible.

Successful completion of the internship is not a guarantee of employment, nor is employment with the intern sponsor guaranteed; however, students will be given the preference in the employment process, will possess skills or knowledge desirable to the employer, and will have an advantage over other applicants.

The internship program is designed to fit the needs of the company.  Some companies have opted to select an intern based on prior admission to Arkansas Northeastern College programs.


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ANC Internship Application Checklist


Associate of Applied Science - Steel Industry Technology

Associate of Applied Science - Advanced Manufacturing

Associate of Applied Science - General Technology - Welding

Associate of Applied Science - Heating and Air Conditioning/Ventilation

Associate of Applied Science - Computer Information Systems

Associate of Applied Science - Aviation Maintenance

Associate of Applied Science - Office Management

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