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Angela Wren Nursing & Allied Health Center

The additional locations below are parts of this designated area that were not covered in the tour video above.

Phlebotomy Classroom and Lab

Phlebotomy Classroom  |  Lab

The Phlebotomy classroom and lab are used in tandem to train ANC students to gain the skills needed to become a phlebotomy technician.  The Phlebotomy Technician course is a fifty-eight (58) hour lecture/lab and a 120-hour externship that includes skill development in the performance of blood collection methods using proper techniques and universal precautions.  This program includes vacuum collection devices, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles, and blood culture specimen collection.  Emphasis is on infection prevention, proper patient identification, labeling of specimens and quality assurance, specimen handling, processing, and accessioning.  The 120-hour externship is an individualized plan for training and experiences under the supervision of facility staff at a medical office, clinic, laboratory, or hospital.

Air-Evac Medical Transport Helicopter

Air-Evac Medical Transport Helicopter

The local Air-Evac Lifeteam 113 crew, located in Blytheville, AR, is scheduled to fly to ANC on various occasions to meet with students in the EMS and Nursing Programs.  The flight crew provide tours of their medical transport helicopter and speak to students in the classroom after the tour to discuss career options and facilitate "Question and Answer Time" for students.  The faculty and students from our Paramedic, EMT, Associate Degree, and Practical Nursing programs are very appreciative to Air-Evac 113 for taking the time to fly to ANC throughout the year and provide tours and valuable information regarding air medical transport and career opportunities.

General Purpose Classroom

General Purpose Classroom

The Angela Wren Nursing & Allied Health Center houses four (4) general purpose classrooms that are used for instruction for various classes related directly to ANC Nursing and Allied Health programs.  Every classroom and lab is equipped with the latest in technology, including a ceiling-mounted data/video projector and drop-down screens.  Rooms are designed for the simple and direct connection of a laptop for the presentation of coursework, as well as internet access.  Additionally, the facility is equipped with compressed video (or two-way television capability).

Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Nursing and Allied Health students at Arkansas Northeastern College have access to their own computer lab.  This computer lab's hardware and software are kept up-to-date to serve the need of the Center's students.  Students have access to 24 stations within this lab.


Lecture I Associate Degree Nursing    

Room Locations for Classrooms and Labs:

Lecture II Associate Degree Nursing    


Emergency Medical Services Lab    


Nursing Clinical & Simulation Lab    


Nursing Assistant Lab


Nursing Assistant Classroom


Emergency Medical Services Classroom


Computer Lab


Dental Assisting Classroom


Dental Assisting Lab


PCT/Phlebotomy Lab


PCT/Phlebotomy Classroom


Lecture Practical Nursing


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