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ANC News Publications
The outlets in which ANC disseminates news information have taken on fresh, new looks and will be done a bit differently.

For more information about either publication or to submit your news stories, upcoming events, announcements, or other items, please contact Sheiron Bearden at

This weekly online only newsletter, NEWSLink, will be distributed internally as well posted on our website, and will feature news stories and briefs on a frequent basis. This e-publication replaces The Open Door internal newsletter.

Current NEWSLink publication  [ PDF ]

Past Editions
February 10, 2016
November 4, 2015
October 26, 2015
October 20, 2015
October 12, 2015
September 28, 2015
September 22, 2015
September 15, 2015
September 2, 2015
August 24, 2015
August 12, 2015
July 8, 2015
June 25, 2015
May 21, 2015
May 13, 2015
May 7, 2015
April 27, 2015
April 14, 2015
April 6, 2015
March 30, 2015
March 17, 2015
March 10, 2015
March 3, 2015
February 26, 2015
February 10, 2015

Connections MagazineConnections Magazine - Spring Summer 2015
Many of you likely received a copy of ANC’s Connections magazine at your home. This new semi-annual piece will serve as not only a news outlet for the college, but a publication that can be enjoyed by the entire community, including students, parents, and supporters, as well as provide a snapshot of ANC for people outside of our area. Connections will highlight news stories in more depth and include feature stories illustrating ANC’s connection to the community. This publication is taking the place of a bi-monthly College Times newspaper.

Current Connections Magazine publication  [ PDF ]

Past Editions
Fall/Winter 2015
Spring/Summer 2015
Fall/Winter 2014
Spring/Summer 2014
Fall/Winter 2013
Spring/Summer 2013
Spring/Summer 2012
Fall/Winter 2011





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