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Picture of the John P. Sullins Administration Building


John P. Sullins Administration Building



The additional locations below are parts of this designated area that were not covered in the tour video above.

  Lecture Hall pic  

General Classroom  |  Lecture Hall

Found just to the right of entering the C-Wing of the John P. Sullins Administration Building is the Lecture Hall. This large classroom provides sloped seating and is uniquely shaped in an arch.  The curved tables and seats are attached to maintain spacing and allows for maximum accommodation with views of the instructor and the large board/screen for materials to be displayed.


Career Pathways Computer Lab

The Career Pathways program has a computer/lounge area for parents.  Nicely furnished and stocked with water, coffee, and snacks, it has a homey feel.  Parents can unwind, engage in stimulating conversation and take their minds off of the stress.


This place is like a community for parents.  Parents can unwind, engage in stimulating conversation and take their minds off of the stress.  The best part is the computer/lounge is only a few steps away from the CPI Advisors offices.


What bridges the gap between despair and a future of hope for parents who have limited resources in Arkansas?  The answer is simple: ANC and Career Pathways.  Since 2005, the Career Pathways program at ANC has offered a host of wrap-around services that include one-on-one personal advising, student support services that include monies for tuition, fees, books, course-related supplies, transportation, and childcare.  The program has extended assistance to include laptops and portable WiFi Jet Packs.  In addition, the staff assists with employability preparedness to nearly 300 students each year.


Since its beginning, the ANC Career Pathways program has been recognized for its outstanding work and student success.  In fact, the program has been #1 in the state for meeting and exceeding performance measures.  Career Pathways offers open enrollment throughout the year to all Arkansas parents with children under the age of 21.  To apply, go to or schedule an in-person meeting with a staff member.

  Career Pathways Computer Lab pic  
  General Science Lab pic  

General Science Lab

ANC has two large science laboratories located on the C-Wing of the John P. Sullins Administration Building.  They are conveniently located near the Lecture Hall and other classrooms.  These labs accommodate Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and Geology.  Labs are equipped with high quality microscopes and all other lab equipment and supplies needed for students to engage in the laboratory sciences.


Solar Panels

On April 29, 1977, United States Vice President Walter F. Mondale announced that the College was awarded a $6.3 million federal grant to build the nation's first community college solar photovoltaic prototype facility.  Although the solar panels never completely powered the college, the information gathered by the federal government was vital to the study of harnessing solar energy.  The federal government cut funding for the project in 1983, citing low productivity and cost of upkeep.  The solar panels remained until 1999 when they were removed, and a parking lot was constructed.  One solar panel was kept for historical remembrance, and it is located outside the Student Center for viewing.

  Solar Panels pic  


Room Locations for Classrooms and Labs:

Room numbers that start with an "A" are located in the A Concourse or the main lobby area of the building, those that start with a "B" are located down the B Concourse or the hallway closest to the Clock Tower, rooms that start with a "C" are located in the C Concourse or the hallway that leads into the Sunshine Grille.  If the number starts with "1", it is located on the ground floor, and numbers that start with a "2" are upstairs in their corresponding concourses.

A101   Conference Room   B206   Computer Classroom
A103   Business Office   B207   Computer Classroom
A108   ZOOM Room   C101   Classroom
A112   MITS   C102   Lecture Hall
A119   Theatre Rehearsal Room   C103   Classroom
B104   Choir Room   C104   Physical Science Lab
B108   Classroom   C106   Microbiology | Chemistry Lab
B109   Classroom   C108   Classroom | General Biology Lab
B110   Classroom   C110   Classroom | Anatomy & Physiology Lab
B111   Pathways Computer Lab   C111   Classroom
B113   Classroom   C202   Classroom
B115   Classroom   C203   Classroom
B202   Homework Computer Lab   C206   Classroom
B203   Computer Classroom   C2017   Classroom
B204   Computer Classroom        

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