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ANC Foundation

The ANC Foundation (a private, 501 C-3 tax exempt, non-profit corporation) provides scholarships to students attending ANC.  The College's Foundation, created in 1977, is one of the most successful two-year college foundations in the state.  The scholarships are need based.

Continuing eligibility:  The student must meet SAP requirements to maintain the scholarship. (67% completion and 2.5 semester GPA)

Arkansas Challenge

Traditional students receiving the Arkansas Challenge Lottery Scholarship must complete 27 hours the first year and 30 hours thereafter.  Students are required to enroll in 12 hours the first semester and a minimum 15 credit hours each following semester.  Nontraditional students must enroll in a minimum 6 hours each term.  To be eligible, students are required to be working on a program of study that leads to an Associate degree.

To apply for this scholarship, go to

Continuing eligibility:  Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA and complete the required number of hours if applicable.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees (Academic & Technical) Scholarships are awarded to students who excelled during high school.  The students are nominated by their high school counselor based on class rank or test score. (24 and above on ACT)

Continuing eligibility:  Academic recipients must maintain a 3.0 semester GPA and Technical recipients must maintain a 2.5 semester GPA.  Students must remain continuously enrolled each term and meet SAP requirements.  (67% completion and GPA standards)

Great River Promise

Mississippi County students may be eligible for the Great River Promise Scholarship.  Students are nominated by their high school counselor.  This scholarship may pay tuition and mandatory fees if no other resources are provided.  Student must be enrolled full time (12 hours) during a regular Fall/Spring semester.

Continuing eligibility:  To remain eligible for the scholarship, students must remain continuously enrolled each term while maintaining a 2.5 semester GPA and 67% completion rate.





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