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What is Educational Talent Search?

If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone!


Simply put, Educational Talent Search is a program designed to encourage students to complete high school and continue their education at a college, technical or vocational institution.


The Talent Search program does not represent any specific institution.  Our primary purpose is to help students to continue their education.  We assist students in finding the opportunity that best fits their needs or career choices.


Here's a glance at Educational Talent Search on the national level.  TRiO Talent Search programs serve young people in grades six through 12.  In addition to counseling, participants receive information about college admissions requirements, scholarships and various student financial aid programs.  This early intervention program helps young people to better understand their educational opportunities and options.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why participate in the Talent Search program?

We believe that the more education you have, the greater the chance of personal success.  Our purpose is to help students meet their personal educational goals by staying in school and entering higher education.


Who can Talent Search help?

Beginning with the 6th grade and continuing through high school graduation, the Talent Search program provides students with the support needed to help them stay in school.  These students are more likely to have the self-confidence and desire to enter college, technical or vocational institutions.


How does Talent Search work?

A Talent Search representative makes regular visits to area schools to present informational programs and workshops.  Our Talent Search advisors are ready to:

  • Assist in exploring career possibilities

  • Provide information about colleges and technical or vocational institutions

  • Furnish information about financial aid and assist in completing applications

  • Supply information about the ACT and other admissions tests used by higher education institutions

  • Assist in completing college admission applications

  • Offer tips on how to improve study habits, test taking techniques, and time management skills

  • Arrange tours of colleges, technical, or vocational schools for students to see first hand the many, many opportunities available

  • Provide individual counseling

  • Coordinate hands-on experiences with technology for high school, college, and future careers

What does all of this cost?



This service is funded through the United States Department of Education.


The assistance is provided free of charge to students, families, and school systems.


Where can you go from here?



The Talent Search program is here to help students make all the right moves!




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