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The additional locations below are parts of this designated area that were not covered in the tour video above.

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Health Science Technology Classroom  |  Lab

The Health Science Technology classroom and lab provides students with core skills and knowledge of medical professions, medical terminology, and common procedures used in multiple healthcare settings.  Students who complete all four courses in this program area will be better prepared to enter any of the ANC certificate or degree programs offered by the Allied Health Division, especially ANC's Emergency Medical Technician program, and eventually ANC's Paramedic program.


Criminal Justice Classroom  |  Lab

The criminal justice classroom features a Crime Scene Lab space, as well as a bay door that allows access to the program's squad car.  Students learn to work a crime scene by gathering and analyzing things like fingerprints, trace evidence, packaging, ballistics, photographs, and report writing.  The lab is equipped with microscopes, fingerprint kits, UV lighting, metal detectors, and crime scene dummies.  Students learn methods for tracing bullet trajectories, crime scene sketching, how to detail measurements, and assemble a narrative and report to aid in the investigation and prosecution of the guilty party.  The instructor uses ANC's patrol car and fully equipped utility belts to train for traffic stops.  Court cases are assigned in Moot Court with students placed on opposing defense and prosecution teams and focuses on the constitutional rights of those arrested and the limits of police officers.

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  Community Room pic  

Community Room

The large multi-purpose community room is used for a variety of events.  The hosting of awards ceremonies, professional development sessions, community events, and training seminars take place in this room.  It features two projector screens, a sound system, and a catering room.


Safety Classroom  |  Lab

In the safety classroom and lab, we provide existing business/industry training in areas such as Lock Out Tag Out, OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour for General Industry, and other customized training options.  As part of the Steel Industry and Advanced Manufacturing degrees, we teach Industrial Safety as a credit class.  Part of the WORK Program is the OSHA 10 for General Industry.  This room is utilized for customized training in other areas as well as room rentals for our company partners.

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Room Locations for Classrooms, Labs, and Spaces Available for Room Rental:

T106   Conference Room (Tenaris)   T187   Welding Lab (Claude Bush)
T132   Classroom   T201   Welding Classroom (Nucor Steel Arkansas & Nucor Yamato Steel)
T133   Safety Classroom & Lab (Nucor Steel Arkansas & Nucor Yamato Steel)   T202   Welding Classroom (Nucor Steel Arkansas & Nucor Yamato Steel)
T134   Electrical Lab (Dever Industrial)   T203   HVACR Classroom (Harold Newcomb)
T135   Electrical Classroom (Osceola Light & Power)   T205   HVACR Lab (D&L, Inc.)
T137   Mechanical Classroom & Lab (Tenaris)   T207   Classroom
T138   Advanced Manufacturing Classroom & Lab (DENSO)   T212   Multipurpose Room (Nucor Steel Arkansas & Nucor Yamato Steel)
T139   Computer Lab (Kagome)   T212A   Multipurpose Room (Nucor Steel Arkansas & Nucor Yamato Steel)
T140   Computer Lab (Nucor Steel Arkansas & Nucor Yamato Steel)   T214   Arkansas Steelmaking Academy Room (SMS group)
T141   Medical Professions Classroom & Lab   T215   Computer Lab & Library (DENSO)
T145   Conference Room (Tech Center)   T226   Mississippi County Electric Cooperative
T165   Construction Lab   T230   Aviation Complex (ANC Foundation)
T166   Construction Classroom (Zekelman Industries)   T236   Composites Lab
T168   Crime Scene Mock-Up   T237   Non-Destructive Testing Lab (Tenaris)
T171   Criminal Justice Classroom & Lab   T238   Aviation Classroom (Construction Network, Inc.)

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