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Free Work-Skills Training

The WAGE Center offers free work-skills training to adults (age 18 or older) who are unemployed or underemployed.


Open-Entry, Open-Exit

Clients may enter the WAGE program at any time and exit when they have completed program requirements.  Average length of classroom participation is 20-40 hours to earn the first certificate. 


Three Certificates Available

Three certificates may be earned in the WAGE program.


· Employability Skills Certificate

· Clerical Skills Certificate

· Industrial Skills Certificate


Completion of the Employability Skills Certificate is required before enrollment into either the Clerical Skills or Industrial Skills track, both short-term programs.


The WAGE program includes hands-on training in key workplace skills:


· Work ethics

· Basic computer literacy

· Manual dexterity applications


Recognized Statewide

Upon completing WAGE certificate requirements, the client receives a WAGE certificate issued by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Education.  This certificate is recognized statewide by participating employers who typically give preferential hiring to WAGE applicants.

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A free workplace education service of

Arkansas Adult Education


Arkansas Northeastern College


“Upon completing

WAGE certificate requirements,

the client receives

a WAGE certificate

 issued by the

Arkansas Department

 of Workforce Education.”

 Arkansas Northeastern College           2501 S. Division St.           Blytheville, AR  72315



2501 South Division Street

P. O. Box 1109

Blytheville, AR  72315

To contact us:


The WAGE Center

Mississippi County


Room L102

Adams/Vines Library Building

2501 South Division Street

Blytheville, Arkansas


Sue Puckett, WAGE Instructor

P. O. Box 1109

Blytheville, AR  72315

Phone:  870-780-1214



 The WAGE Center

Greene County


Adult Education Center

700 East Main Street

Paragould, Arkansas


Sherryl Cooley, WAGE Instructor

700 East Main Street

Paragould, AR  72450

Phone:  870-215-0433

FAX:  870-239-8574