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What is the Educational Opportunity Center?
The Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) is a program designed to assist adults 19 and older in returning to education - in college, vo-tech, specialized school or a GED program.

Here's a glance at EOC on the national level.  Education Opportunity Centers are located throughout the country and primarily serve displaced or underemployed workers.  These Centers help people to choose a college and a suitable financial aid program.  There are over 139 EOCs in America serving 160,832 individuals.

EOC Services
The EOC can assist you in the following areas until you enroll:

  Career tests - find out which career is

     right for you

  Career library - full of vocational/scholarship


  Assistance with registration procedures

  Workshops on ASSET/ACT preparation, study

     skills, time management, budgeting, and

     assertiveness skills 

  Assistance with financial aid applications/admissions procedures

  Tutoring, mentoring

  Assistance with choice of school and selection of major

  Assistance with GED information and enrollment procedures

  Personality testing

  Job shadowing - hands-on experience with a person who is actually working in your career choice

  Child care information

  Membership in the Adult Student Association (ASA) - a no dues club for adults who are returning to


  Pass to Class - visit a college class before you enroll


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Contact Information   [ full TRiO staff listing ]

Tonya Harris, Director
Janie Greenwell, Secretary  -  870.838.2961

Education Advisors
Patricia Vail

Blytheville (Main Campus)  -  870.762.1020
Denese Bogard

Osceola Center  -  870.563.3236
Nancy Fergus




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