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Arkansas Northeastern College recognizes the total college experience extends beyond the formal classroom.  The student's personal and social development is supported by varied co-curricular programs.


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ACE Navigators

This organization is designed to mentor ANC students  while preparing and enhancing their academic, social, and career skills for future success.  The objectives of the organization are to recognize and encourage excellence in academic learning; to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members; and to build relationships through appropriate resource referrals.



Advising Services

Academic and Career Enrichment Advising Center

The ACE Advising Center provides intensive academic and career counseling to students. Designed to offer professional guidance in the process of enrollment, from placement testing to career and goal setting. This format offers students a very hands-on approach in their decision-making.


The ACE Advising Center utilizes data analysis and test scores to direct students toward paths where their interests and aptitude intersect. Testing services are available including: CLEP, COMPASS, a variety of interest inventories, and career exploration.


Tutorial services are available through the Academic and Career Enrichment Tutoring Center on an individual basis for those who have difficulty with instructional materials. The tutors work with individuals needing help on an appointment basis. The Tutoring Center works to match students and tutors based on subject areas and available times. In addition to providing tutoring services, the Tutoring Center offers other resources available to ANC students. The Tutoring Center houses books on a variety of subjects—that students may use while in the center. Additionally, the Tutoring Center has computers available for ANC students to complete homework or ANC related work. Any student needing assistance with his/her classes may contact the Tutoring Center located in Statehouse Hall Room S144 (next to the ACE Advising Center).


Offering a host of free services to ANC students such as access to computers in the computer lab, one-one tutoring, group tutoring, workshops in areas such as test anxiety, study skills, note taking, etc.


Students planning to transfer to senior colleges and other institutions should work closely with their advisor to assure the transfer of credits.




The College's bookstore, located in the Student Center, provides the textbooks and supplies needed for Arkansas Northeastern College courses.  Eligible students may defer the cost of books, book rental, and supplies through the Financial Aid Office.  Bookstore services are also provided during registration periods on the Burdette, Osceola and Paragould locations.



Child Care Services

Mississippi County Head Start has entered a partnership with the College to provide child care for students of the College on the Main Campus.  Through a grant from the Rex and Alice A. Martin Foundation, the NIBCO Children's Care Center was created.  This facility operates while classes are in session at the College.  Parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are encouraged to apply early.  Students may check with the NIBCO Children's Care Center on the Main Campus or contact the Program Director of the Mississippi County Head Start at 870-532-2348.



Food Services

Food services on campus are available in the Sunshine Grille, located in the Student Center on Main Campus.  Students may purchase hot entrees, salads, sandwiches, drinks, and snack items.  The snack bar is open Monday through Thursday while classes are in session.


Packaged foods, soft drinks, and other such items are available via automated vending machines throughout the different campus sites both day and evening.



Google Apps for Education

Email accounts for faculty, staff, and students of Arkansas Northeastern College are provided by Google Apps for Education. Although hosted by Google, the email addresses will be ANC email addresses. The ANC student email is the official communication tool between college faculty and staff, and students. In addition to providing student email addresses, Google Apps will enable students to share calendars, call or instant message their contacts, and collaborate with peers, by sharing and working together on documents, all online. With any web enabled phone students can send and receive email, schedule and retrieve events and reminders from their calendar so they can stay connected.




Students are provided a photo ID at the point of registration from the ANC Security Office, located in the Student Center. All students must present a valid student ID when positive student identification is necessary. ANC facilities such as the Adams/Vines Library and the Briggs/Sebaugh Wellness Center require a valid student ID for their use.



Intramural Recreation

Students may participate in a variety of intramural sports activities provided each year at the Briggs/Sebaugh Wellness Center.  The development of this program is directed by staff and student interest.  Intramural activities include but are not limited to basketball, flag football, volleyball, and other seasonal sports.



Japan Ambassadors

The Arkansas Northeastern College Foundation, along with a donor company - Yamato Kogyo, Ltd. of Japan, works to increase student opportunities and enrichment through the Arkansas Northeastern College Ambassadors to Japan Program.  The Foundation co-sponsors two Arkansas Northeastern College students each year as ambassadors to Japan for a two-week stay.  Students learn about a new culture, share their culture with the Japanese and, when they return, share what they have learned with the College and community.



Lost and Found

Misplaced articles are held in the Security Office, located adjacent to the Sunshine Grille in the Student Center.  Positive identification is necessary for claiming an item.  Unclaimed articles are normally discarded at the end of each semester.  Evening students may contact the Public Safety Officer for lost and found articles.  If you think you've lost something in the upstairs B-wing computer labs, contact the Lab Coordinator at




myANC is Arkansas Northeastern College’s web portal and Learning Management System (LMS). myANC is an online web tool that allows faculty, students and staff to collaborate and communicate in a variety of ways for courses and other approved campus groups. myANC houses Campus Connect for students and faculty and course level chat rooms, forums, announcements, online quizzes, tests and other coursework and assignments, and online grading as part of the LMS called e-Racer. The school’s calendar of events, message board and emergency notification system are part of myANC. Although some of myANC’s information is available to the public, a personal UserID and password is required to access most of the portal. myANC can be found at or accessed using the link on our homepage, Help for new users is available through the myANC Tutor tab found on myANC or by emailing




Parking is available and free at all campus sites. On the Blytheville campus, there is ample parking for students, visitors, and employees on the east side for easy access to the John P. Sullins Administration Building, B and C Wings, Adams/Vines Library, and the Angela Wren Nursing and Allied Health Center. There is also parking on the west side of campus near the Briggs/Sebaugh Wellness Center and Statehouse Hall. Parking areas are for general parking and handicapped parking is clearly marked. Parking areas are patrolled by college security personnel throughout the day and night. During evening hours, lighting in the parking areas and at the entrances to the buildings gives added security for students and employees.



Services for the Disabled

Recognizing its responsibilities regarding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and American Disabilities Act, ANC is committed to providing all students equal access to its educational opportunities. If you have a disability, contact the Admissions Office in Student Services for assistance with class scheduling, parking, transportation, study aids, etc. To allow us to anticipate your special needs, contact us prior to arrival. The campus, in its design, includes many features that provide ease of access to the various areas. The following features were designed for persons who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments: alternate lowered water fountains, elevators to all second floor areas, ramps, reserved parking, restrooms with wide doors and side rails, and wide door openings to all other rooms. Automated doors are provided throughout the ANC campus.



Student Center

The Student Center, located in the John P. Sullins Administration Building on the Main Campus, contains the Sun Room, Sunshine Grille, Bookstore, and Public Safety Offices.



Sun Room

The ANC Sun Room, located in the Student Center, was designed to bring together students of Arkansas Northeastern College in a common area to engage in student activities, socializing, playing games, student club meetings and even study groups. ANC believes engagement in these various activities will contribute to the student’s educational, emotional and social growth through informal interaction. The Sun Room offers games such as Billiards, Air Hockey, an Arcade Game Station and Touch Screen Game Station, Table Tennis, Video Games and various Table Games. A large Multi-purpose Room is also available for student club meetings, group and individual study, playing board games, individual electronic device use, and other student related activities.



Student Publications

ANC Students are encouraged to contribute to the ANC Connections with a section of the publication being specifically held for student contributions when submitted. Additionally, the English faculty work with students to create a yearly magazine Energy which includes creative writings, photography, and artwork by students.



Student Medical Services

Arkansas Northeastern College does not provide medical related services, nor does the College assume responsibility for injuries incurred by students during any College activity. Physical examinations, which may be required for some courses or activities, must be verified in writing by an examining physician.



Student Housing Referral

Arkansas Northeastern College is a commuter college and, therefore, residential facilities for students are not available on the campus. Students desiring housing accommodations are encouraged to inquire through local housing sources.



Telephone Service

Students are not normally permitted to use college telephones except for emergencies. The College will not accept telephone messages or requests to call students to the telephone except in cases of serious illness or death in the student’s immediate family.



Testing Services

The Testing/Assessment function is coordinated through the Testing Center. Students enrolling in certificate or degree programs must be assessed in basic skills. Any student can take advantage of this free assessment program in order to better plan a successful course of study. COMPASS Testing is offered by the College at no charge to all students who have applied to ANC. In addition, the office provides testing services for CLEP, PRAXIS, PAX RN and PN.





ANC recognizes that student organizations provide an avenue for college students to develop their own unique talents and interests. Student organizations foster educational, social, and/or personal development and provide for profitable use of leisure time. The College encourages students to create new organizations to meet the changing needs and interests of the student body. If a student group wishes to use College facilities on a regular basis or conduct programs on campus, it must request to become an approved student organization. Any group of six or more students may petition for recognition and funding as a new organization by submitting a constitution and by-laws for approval by Student Services staff and by securing a faculty/staff advisor to work with the group. Complete guidelines for approval are available in the office of the Vice President of Student Services. Student organizations vary each academic year based on student interest.





ACE Navigators

This organization is designed to mentor ANC students  while preparing and enhancing their academic, social, and career skills for future success.  The objectives of the organization are to recognize and encourage excellence in academic learning; to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members; and to build relationships through appropriate resource referrals.



Cultural Diversity Association

The Cultural Diversity Association is an organization designed to share, explore, and experience elements of different races and cultures in American society. Its main purpose is to promote racial equality and racial harmony among students and faculty, as well as in the community. CDA will provide an environment for all students of various ethnic backgrounds to express their cultural heritage, opinions, and concerns about college life, as well as the society in which we all live.



Dental Assisting Student Club

The purpose of the Dental Assisting Student Club is to develop leadership that is competent and self-reliant, improve scholarship and develop skills that will enable young men and women to participate effectively in the occupation of Dental Assisting as well as our local communities, to engage in individual and group projects which will promote education, character and citizenship, create school loyalty and help preserve the principles of democracy. Membership is for students accepted into the Dental Assisting Program.



Females and Males Mentoring Club

This organization is designed to train student on how to become a peer mentor while preparing and enhancing their social and career skills for future success. This organization encourages and facilitates training through relational workshops by incorporating techniques such as role playing, trust and rapport building, and the development of team-building skills. Ultimately, participation, training, and membership are designed for students who are interested in becoming a member of the ANC community mentor program under the direction of Dr. Blanche Hunt.



Gamme Beta Phi

Gamma Beta Phi is a scholastic, honor, educational, service oriented national honor society for students in accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities that was established to recognize those students who have excelled academically and have demonstrated high personal characteristics in leadership and service. Membership into Gamma Beta Phi is by invitation, extended at the beginning of each semester. Students are invited to join GBP if they have completed 12 credit hours, are degree seeking, and have a minimum 3.4 G.P.A. The objectives of the Gamma Beta Phi Society are to recognize and encourage excellence in education, to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members, and to foster disseminate and improve education through appropriate service projects. These school and community service projects add to the success of this organization, which receives regional and national attention for its quality. The Arkansas Northeastern College chapter of Gamma Beta Phi is one of the three chapters within the society to have received the National Gamma Beta Phi Distinguished Chapter Award and the Exemplary Chapter Award every year since their inceptions.



Lifeline Student Outreach

Lifeline Student Outreach is a service and awareness group. The main purpose is to identify and serve students with a specific need, whether academic, physical, medical, financial or individual and work, toward total awareness on the part of others. Projects in the past have included installation of an automatic door, collection of food for the needy, assistance with transportation for visually impaired students, and compiling a resource manual of various services offered in Arkansas and Missouri.



LifeSavers (LS)

LifeSavers is a club promoting abstinence from all drugs. The members must be drug free as an example to other students. LS will provide the facts about drugs by sponsoring educational lectures; discussion groups and free literature to ANC students and the area schools. We will invite students to join LS every semester and strive to create a positive environment for ANC students.




The purpose of the organization is to help the student develop social and leadership skills. Activities will enhance the development of these skills and will be conducted by the clubs’ members and advisors. The activities may include competitive events between technical institutes (ANC Technical Center) and colleges.



Special Activities

The Division of Student Services sponsors cultural events, campus activities and entertainment throughout the school year for the benefit of all students and the community.



Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors are a select group of students who shall effectively and responsibly represent the college to student inquiries, applicants, and incoming freshmen. Students selected for the program will work on a part-time basis with Admissions Counselors. Some of their duties will include traveling with Admissions Counselors to area high schools, providing student prospects with a “friend on campus”, and conducting campus tours. For more information about the program, contact the Admissions Office.



Student Nurses Association

The purpose of the Associate Degree Student Nurse Club (AD-SNC) is to provide peer support and promote professionalism in nursing through involvement in the community. Members develop leadership and professional skills by participating in volunteer activities with local organizations promoting physical and psychosocial health. Membership is extended to students admitted to the Associate Degree Nursing program.



Student Practical Nursing (SPN Club) Blytheville & Paragould

These organizations promote and encourage student participation in community activities, especially those directed toward preventative healthcare and the resolution of social issues. Members participate in volunteer activities with local organizations promoting physical and psychosocial health. Membership into this club is open to ANC Practical Nursing students enrolled at the ANC Blytheville and Paragould campuses.






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