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Kristie Monroe

Mom to daughter, Lillie
Employed for 14 months at Arkansas Methodist Medical  Center, Paragould, AR


Successfully Completed:

TOOLS (Teaching Ourselves Options for Living Successfully)

CPI Employability Certificate

ANC Certified Nursing Assistant program

Currently enrolled in prerequisites for RN program at ANC


Employer's Comments:

Career Pathways student, Kristie Monroe, is special in many ways and Judy Foster, RN Unit Coordinator and Manger of 3E at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould, said from from the first time she saw how she worked she knew she wanted Kristie in her unit.  Kristie started out in the "float pool" like other Patient Care Technicians (PCT) at the hospital.  Employees in the float pool work in different nursing units throughout the hospital and are not assigned to any particular unit.  However, Kristie, according to Judy, really cares about people and is always compassionate.  The 30-year nursing veteran added she observed Kristie and was impressed with her attitude and teamwork skills and knew she wanted her in her unit.  Judy said she knows that Kristie has had a "few bumps" to deal with but is happy that Greta Witcher, DWS Workforce Specialist/TEA, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and Career Pathways staff, Barabara Baker and Pauline Linam-Parks are there to help her.  Judy said Kristie is definitely persistent and has the compassion and love for nursing that makes her a good employee and someday - an RN!


 - Judy Foster

   RN Unit Coordinator and Manager of 3E

   Arkansas Methodist Medical Center

   Paragould, AR 


*CPI Student, Kristie Monroe's, accomplishments were featured in the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services TANF Success Stories.  She was one of ten TANF clients with outstanding Success Stories.  Read her complete story.


*Kristie was also featured in the Fall 2011 ANC Career Pathways Newsletter.


More Comments:

Kristie Monroe came to the Paragould DWS with a number of challenges, including her lack of employment and lack of childcare for her three-year old toddler.  She expressed a desire to take certified nursing assistant training.  She was also interested in finding employment while completing her nursing degree so that she would be better able to care for her child.


  - Greta Witcher (Kitty)

    DWS Workforce Specialist/TEA

    Arkansas Department of Workforce Services

    Greene County 




















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