ANC's Music Department offers individualized instruction in voice and piano as a means to further your musical education.  These classes meet once a week for a one-half hour session at a time determined by the student and instructor. An audition is required for acceptance in Applied Voice and/or Applied Piano.  Both classes are repeatable.

Applied Voice (MU 12111)        &       *Advanced Applied Voice (MU 22072) *2 credit hours
People sing for many reasons.  Some enjoy participating in church choirs, amateur choral groups, or professionalpic of man singing choruses.  Others enjoy solo singing, and still others intend to make their singing voice an integral part of their music career.  Whatever a person's reasons for singing, he or she will find enhanced enjoyment and improved singing as a result of studying applied voice.  Workable range can be increased, beauty of tone improved, breaks smoothed out, hoarseness overcome, and flexibility increased under the guidance of a trained voice instructor.


Applied Piano (MU 12101)

For several centuries, the ability to play the piano has been looked upon as a desirable talent for professional and amateur musicians alike.  The popularity of the piano is derived in part from its versatility.  It can be used as a solo instrument, to accompany singers and instrumentalists, or as a participant in a larger ensemble.


For the musician, at least minimal keyboard skills are an absolute professional necessity.  The piano provides a ready source of sounds for the composer to experiment, a handy instrument for the pitch and notation.  The ability to prepare a score with the help of the piano prior to conducting it is highly desirable, and skills in accompanying are never wasted for lack of need.  Keyboard skills are so essential that most states require a proficiency equivalent of one to two years of piano study for public school teacher certification.  If piano is the student's major performance area, the necessity for lessons is evident.

pic of man at piano 

The amateur musician pursues piano study for reasons of personal satisfaction.  Properly guided study can help the student to achieve greater proficiency, thereby expanding the vistas of personal enrichment due to the ability to play a greater variety of music.


All in all, applied piano affords the professional or amateur musician an opportunity to develop his or her skills on one of the most rewarding instruments of all.



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