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Mission Statement


Arkansas Northeastern College is committed to providing accessible, quality educational programs, services, and lifelong learning opportunities.




Because Arkansas Northeastern College is committed to the ideal of the worth and dignity of individuals, its philosophy is to provide opportunities to youth and adults for development of purposeful, gratifying, and useful lives in a democratic society.  The College accepts the national goal of providing at least two years of education beyond the high school level.  Paramount in such education are programs of study designed to fit the needs of students of varying educational and vocational goals and those which provide co-curricular activities and community services consistent with the concept of the community college.  Operating in the larger context of local, state, regional, and national higher educational patterns, the College seeks to respond to the needs of individuals and their levels of ability and development.


Arkansas Northeastern College is committed to these purposes:

  1. To provide an access to quality higher education opportunity for all individuals regardless of age, sex, race, or ancestry; economic, cultural or physical condition or previous educational attainment, within the provisions of law and resources available.

  2. To provide programs of study for students who wish to transfer to other institutions to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

  3. To provide occupational/vocational/technical programs and curricula leading to immediate employment and to offer programs for students who wish to upgrade their skills for current, or future, employment.

  4. To offer programs in general education.

  5. To offer credit/non-credit courses which meet community needs.

  6. To offer developmental programs to improve basic skills.

  7. To offer personalized counseling and support services.

  8. To promote the civic and cultural activities and provide for the avocational needs of enrolled students.

  9. To promote the civic and cultural activities of the community and provide for the avocational needs of the service community.

  10. To provide a positive and constructive experience for new students enhancing their educational growth, aspirations, and abilities to continue their education at this institution and beyond.





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