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Campus Map: Main Campus 2501 S. Division St. Blytheville, AR 72315

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eFollett Bookstore


  1. Adams/Vines Building 10. Nibco Children's Care Center  
  2. Adams/Vines Library 11. Outback Cafeteria  
  3. Bookstore 12. Recital Hall  
  4. Briggs/Sebaugh Wellness Center 13. Statehouse Hall  
  5. Governor's Ballroom 14. John P. Sullins Administration Building - A Concourse  
  6. Greenhouse 15. John P. Sullins Administration Building - B Wing  
  7. H. Claude Bush Honor Plaza 16. John P. Sullins Administration Building - C Wing  
  8. Academic Success Center 17. John P. Sullins Administration Building - D Wing  
  9. Maintenance Building (not pictured here)    




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