CP Medical Transcription
Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Transcription


The certificate of proficiency in Medical Transcription prepares students for careers involving the transcription of verbal data in the healthcare industry. This certificate program emphasizes the importance of accuracy, organization, and professionalism. Careers in medical transcription may involve working in a healthcare facility, doctor's office, or independently out of one's home. Successful completion of this certificate requires grades of C or better in each prescribed course.


Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of medical terminology and its structure.

  • Show a working knowledge of word processing software.

  • Adhere to legal and ethical responsibilities of medical transcriptionists.

  • Accurately transcribe medical reports and correspondence through the application of medical knowledge, technology, and English usage.


Fast Facts

  • Employers prefer medical transcriptionists who have completed a postsecondary program.

  • Many medical transcriptionists may telecommute from home.

  • Even though speech recognition use is increasing, medical transcriptionists will edit for errors and for grammar and clarity.

  • Job opportunities for medical transcriptionists will be good for those certified.



Degree Plans


Career Opportunities
  • Medical Transcriptionist

Possible Work Settings
  • Hospital
  • Medical Office



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