AAS Business Administration
Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

The Associate of Applied Science Degree is designed for students who wish to enter the job market after completing approximately two years of study.  This degree prepares students to assume mid-level administrative support positions or to update and enhance current job skills.  The Industrial Management Emphasis, for students choosing this elective option, prepares students for mid-olevel administrative positions in industrial office settings, such as human resources, production planning, or quality systems design. Upon attaining work experience, individuals with this degree are better equipped to move into leadership positions. Students pursuing the AAS degree must satisfy all assessment, remediation,a nd prerequisite course requirements.

Program Competencies

  • Demonstrate college-level proficiency in reading, writing, and oral communication.

  • Apply math skills appropriate to the task

  • Use information technology to locate, process, and present information effectively and ethically.

  • Perform basic accounting procedures including the preparation and interpretation of financial statements and records for both service and manufacturing operations.

  • Apply management and leadership principles and theory.

  • Apply aspects of legal, regulatory, and ethical principles.

  • Identifying business strategies to market products or services and address customer service needs.

  • Apply critical thinking skills to analyze and solve business problems based on logical reasoning.


Program Assessment


Candidates for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Administration at Arkansas Northeastern College are required, as a condition of graduation, to participate in the outcomes assessments conducted by the academic units of the College, including general education. The National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI), General Management exam, is administered in the semester the student completes their degree requirements.

Degree Plans

Career Opportunities
  • Human resources specialist
  • Mid-level office manager
  • Production planning
  • Quality systems design technician
  • Entry level management

Possible Work Settings
  • Manufacturing company front office
  • Government offices
  • Retail businesses
  • Service businesses


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