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Hey guys!  This is something brand new here at Arkansas Northeastern College (ANC) - Blogs. 

What's a blog?
If you're asking this question, you're not alone.  The word "blog" is just short for "web log."  You'll want to view these to keep up with what's happening at ANC.  If you'd like to check out a video explaining what blogs are, check out this one from CommonCraft.

Blogs at ANC:   [ MORE BLOGS to COME ]
     ANC BLOG   
               Check out ANC's blog at!
ANC blog         This blog is a general ANC blog.  It will cover various aspects of several different
         subjects pertaining to events, happenings, etc in and around the college. 
         You gotta check it out!

                        Check out ANC's News blog at!
trio blog         Entries in ANC's News Blog will also be pushed out to our Facebook and Twitter
         pages, but you can come straight to the source here!  This blog contains
         college news of all varieties!

                        Check out Community Ed's blog at!
trio blog         Community Ed offers all kinds of non-credit courses and also travel opportunities
         through ANC Tours.  Keep up with what's going on both of those.

                        Check out ANC's tech blog at!
trio blog         You have to check out this blog.  It'll contain what's in the works for ANC's IT
         IT department along with IT tips and tricks, random thoughts, and so much

Other News
If you'd like to check out our printed publications at ANC, be sure to visit our ANC News page!



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