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Academic Success Center

Pat EllisWelcome!
Academic Success Center (ASC)
The Academic Success offers a host of free services to ANC students such as access to computers in the computer lab, one-one-tutoring, group tutoring, workshops in areas such as test anxiety, study skills, note taking, and assistance for English Language Learners (ELL) through Rosetta Stone®. Resource books in various subjects are available and can be checked out. Multimedia software systems are available to provide self-paced instruction and drop-in tutorial services.




Adams/Vines Library Complex

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm
Friday 8am-3:30pm

Computer Labs and Tutor Applications
Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm
Friday 8am-3pm

Rules and Procedures
1.  No Food or Drinks Allowed in Lab
2.  Cell Phones need to be on vibrate and all calls need to be taken outside of the Lab
3.  No children are allowed in Lab area
4.  Computers are monitored at all times.  Inappropriate material may result in expulsion.

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