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1.  Save a buck (or two)!  Tuition and fees at ANC are one-third the cost of an Arkansas public four-year university and one-eighth the cost of a private college.  And if you participate in our early college program, you can take college classes while you're still in high school and save money on tuition and fees.

2.  Small classes.  Big advantage.  College can be intimidating enough without getting lost in the crowd.  In our classrooms, you'll discover personal, hands-on learning that improves your educational experience.  Our instructors will get to know you and you will find that they are approachable and helpful.

3.  You can take it with you.  Arkansas Northeastern College works closely with colleges and universities across the state to ensure that our general education courses will transfer.  

4.  Transfer success.  Studies show that students who transfer from community colleges do as well, if not better, than students who begin their academic careers at four-year colleges.  (American Association of Community Colleges)

5.  Close to home.  Okay, we know that your goal is to move out of the house, but by coming to ANC, you can still live at home (for a little while longer) and save some money.  With our convenient locations in northeast Arkansas, our online classes, and flexible daytime and evening schedules, we'll help you get a schedule that will meet your needs. 

Discover the ANC Advantage for yourself.  Call one of our locations and schedule a campus visit.  We'll answer your questions, introduce you to faculty and show you around. 



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