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The ANC Patient Care Technology (PCT) Program is designed to provide education and training to individuals interesting in a technical career in healthcare.  Students in the PCT Program will gain the knowledge, clinical skills and work habits required to pursue a position in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, long term care facilities, medical offices and labs.  PCT's are part of the healthcare team and are qualified to work under the supervision of licensed professional personnel and alongside other healthcare providers.  The role of the PCT includes duties traditionally performed by staff from several different departments such as nursing, laboratory, EKG and respiratory.  There is a need for cross-trained healthcare workers in all types of healthcare facilities.


Patient Care Technicians have excellent job prospects and opportunities in this field are expected to increase rapidly.  The PCT Program is also designed to provide graduates the opportunity to advance their education into related healthcare occupations currently offered at ANC such as the Practical Nursing (LPN) or Associate Degree Nursing (RN).


Upon successful completion of the proposed curriculum graduates will be awarded The Technical Certificate in Patient Care Technology pending approval from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.                                                                           


Information Guidelines include information about the programs/options, admission criteria, curriculum, program costs, and applications.


-Patient Care Technology Information Guidelines
          - Patient Care Technology Advising Checklist

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